Astrid Lau

(Head of Wine Operations)

Astrid joined the Fine Wine Experience team in February 2014. Before she entered the wine industry she had previous sales and marketing experiences in the field of fine arts, finance, retail, and advertising.

Astrid made the decision to switch career path because she originally chose something she didn’t develop a passion for. She always had a special interest in wine. She has been attending different wine tasting events and wine fairs here and there but never really knew what she was drinking. She always wanted to learn more about it and in 2013 she started taking the WSET course.

“Wine is a perfect combination of art and science. There's an intriguing science behind the viticulture and vinification, how the grape variety and terroir contribute to a particular wine style. Tasting a bottle of wine is like appreciating an art piece carefully crafted by the winemaker. It offers an ocean of taste experience with unlimited possibilities. It's been an honor working at the Fine Wine Experience, a company with the collections of some of the most extraordinary wines and curates some of the best fine wine event programs in Hong Kong."

Astrid holds a Level 4 Diploma Certificate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance at The University of Hong Kong. She speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and a little French. She also loves cooking, traveling and playing squash. 

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