Florian Rossignol

(Head of Fine Wine)

Florian joined The team in August 2018 for his final year internship and never left. He grew up in France, in a family that has been making wine for over 5 generations: Domaine Rossignol-Cornu. As he likes to say: Pinot Noir is running into his veins. From a very young age Florian has been immersed to viticulture and vinification environment, back home he loves driving tractors and helping with vinification rather than working in the vineyard. He always had a growing interest in the final product and the commercial side.

Truly passionate about wine, in general, he enjoys blind tastings to challenge others and himself, he finds them very rewarding. Among his favourite wines (apart Burgundy) he likes sharing a bottle of old Sauternes or fruity Riesling from Mosel with his friends and family.

Wine has always been in a center of his life, during his childhood, he was helping his parents at the Domaine to conduct tastings, to work in the vineyard. His favourite time of the season was the harvest; the most intense part of the year with lots of parties and wine sharing. He thinks wine has no value if it’s not shared with the right people. He also believes that wine is not all about the product itself but about the experience.

Florian appreciates spending time to learn more about the wine market in Hong Kong and China in order to answer at his best demand.

On his free time, Florian likes to discover Hong Kong countryside and explore other countries in Asia. He loves Asian cuisines and all the diverse experiences that Hong Kong can offer.

Florian was born and raised in Burgundy, more specifically in Volnay. He holds Double Bachelor degrees: the first one in International Management from Clermont-Ferrand Business School, the second one Bachelor of Arts in Business from Dublin Business School. He also holds Master degree in Management of Wine and Spirits from Kedge (Bordeaux) Business School, where he got to pass Level 3 Advanced Certificate from the WSET.

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