Louis Tsang

(Fine Wine Specialist)

Louis was genuinely impressed by red wine for the first time when he was trying some classic Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé at home with his family. He had known nothing about wine at that time until he was introduced to the wine team of his university, where he found his enthusiasm for wine. He was then elected as one of the HKUST representatives in the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup 2016. During his preparation for the competition, he tasted hundreds of different Bordeaux wines produced from as early as 1970s to 2013 - the latest vintage at that time. When it comes to wine differences, whether diverse sub-regional characteristics, or subtle changes among various vintages, he had an impulse to get a good grip on them.

Not long after his graduation, he co-founded The HKUST Alumni Wine Association with several serious wine lovers, and has been promoting wine culture among the alumni community and on campus. His enthusiasm for wine has not faded a single bit after the LBBC competition, and instead set him off on a straight line toward a career in the wine industry. Before joining The Fine Wine Experience team, he would go to all kinds of wine tasting events a few times a week in the city. He has stopped doing it since then, after realizing TFWE is the true treasure-hunting place he has been looking for. 

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