Pauline Li

(Logistics Manager)

Before moving to Hong Kong in 2012, Pauline worked as a sales professional at an international trading and IT company in Taipei for over 10 years. During that period she went on many business trips to French-speaking Africa and many East and West EU countries; these trips greatly enriched her experience and created lots of valuable memories. Pauline then switched career path and moved to Hong Kong and became a client services manager at a major wine auction house.

After working in the wine industry for some years, she find that every bottle tells a beautiful story, either about the person who made the wine, the challenging weather for that particular vintage, or the history of the region. The world of wine is like an encyclopedia where you can keep learning more and more knowledge each day. The most exciting part for me is to enjoy wines with other passionate people, especially when you encounter bottles so rare that it could be once-in-a-lifetime experience. So far her most unforgettable bottle is the silky, sophisticated taste and elegant aroma from 1945 Petrus. Pauline joined The Fine Wine Experience in 2016, which consists of so many knowledgeable, passionate and professional staff. She believe that working in TFWE team will be much fun and there’ll be many more opportunities to explore about wines.  

Pauline was born and raised in Taiwan and hold the double-major bachelor’s degree in English and French. Other than her native language Mandarin, she also speak Cantonese, English, and French (depending on whom she is talking to). Pauline enjoy cooking, baking, traveling, movies and music during her leisure time.

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