It’s time for another session of our “Vintage Pairs” blind tasting series, but in MAGNUM! The idea is simple – we put together a tasting of 10 wines and serve them blind. We guess where the wine is from and what it might be, reveal it, enjoy it, and talk about it. In each pair the two wines will be either the same wine in a different vintage (our classic approach), or the same producer and same vintage, but two cuvées or vineyards from the same grape variety(ies); or the same vineyard and same vintage, but two different producers of the same wine. As we begin each pair, we will announce which type of pair it is. We work deductively together to get to the answer of producer, vintage and name of the wine. Our goal is to select a range of wines that offer a bit of learning too, so wines you know combined with wines you may not know. Sometimes we bring in wines that aren’t on our list too, so studying our list won’t necessarily help you find the answer. This tasting is fun and interactive and appeals to both the beginner and advanced wine taster.

Please note that this edition of Vintage Pairs is a dinner, rather than our usual tasting format. Will the menu at the Grand Hyatt help in our guesswork? And, since it is a dinner, we decided that this time all the wines will be served from magnum. So, this is a doubly-special edition of Vintage Pairs. Hope to see you there!

Vintage Pairs Magnum Dinner
Wine Luncheons and Dinners
Date Thursday 16 December 2021 - Thursday 16 December 2021
Time 19:00 - 22:00
Venue Private Room at The Grand Hyatt (1 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai)
Ticket HKD 3,800 per person
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